Family Karma: Kat Fight

We’ve boarded the party bus and are headed to Key West. If you think that the young ones are the only ones who’ll wild it up on a pole, you’re soon schooled. Anish calls for footage of the elders the last time they rented a bus and through the magic of editing it appears. So fun! Her mom Chitra is quick to point out that she’s not very dexterous, so she just swung from side to side on the pole. Vishal is apparently super limber though, because back in present day he’s upside-down on it. I did a Where’s Waldo type search for Richa during Vishal’s dance and she was in the back corner on her phone not even watching. Since most of the episode is commenting on the lives of others, I’ll join in and say that Vishal either does that so much, that it’s a yawn for her, or whoever was on the other end of the phone was more interesting.

Talk turns to them sharing their worst decisions ever and Monica maintains her Disney persona with an ab roller mishap that knocked out her two front teeth. Anish is anything but Disney with her driver’s seat defecation confession, but Brian gets the crown with the hideous drunken F.T.D. tattoo. Maybe Bali can hook him up with an IT job in the floral industry, and he can add an image of Mercury on winged feet above it. Or he could blame it on frontotemporal dementia.

While discussing what they want to see and do once they get to Key West, Monica says she wants to visit the house of the guy with all of the cats. This is twice now that Bravo cast members (it happened with the O.C. ladies as well) were unfamiliar with Hemingway. Thankfully Shaan, like Kelly Dodd on her trip, was able to set the record straight. The others can imply he’s pretentious all they want, but there’s no sharam in being well educated.


The gang arrives and all part ways to their rooms to freshen up for a night out on the town. The guys are busy flopping like beached orcas on the beds, and Anish is finding mystery hairs that add to her xenodochiophobia. Monica and Nehali are talking about life plans and the topic of Anish and her ex Vishnu come up. It was really more innocuous than it came off, the kind of chit-chat most women participate in when discussing their friends. But like any good drama, Anish walks into their room exactly at the point where they were discussing her ability to freeze her eggs. Considering the pressure that’s been put on Anish since her return home, it’s easy to see where her mind probably took the comment. More people questioning her choices and wondering why she wasn’t getting married. Unfortunately, that was the exact opposite of what the two girls were saying, but the miscommunication serves to fuel tension and cause a rift.

Once again, the Aunty club proves that they’re just as fun as their kids and all of the moms get together for drinks and good food. Some are worried about their children in Key West and what trouble they can get into, others realize they’re adults and don’t have any concerns. The most vocal is Amrit’s mom Lavina who is worried what will happen when Amrit has one too many drinks. I think she’s more worried about losing her future son-in-law Nicholas to a drunken escapade on Amrit’s part.

The next morning it’s sweet to see how many of the cast call their moms to check in. The tight-knit nature of the families is one of the biggest draws for me on the show, even if it’s just Brian double checking that he’s using an iron properly. After they get ready, the group splits in two. The guys and Richa go kayaking while the girls chill out at the hotel. Any illusions of a romantic boat ride with Richa and Vishal are dashed as Richa opts to go solo and Vishal paddles off with Amrit. Brian and Shaan get to bury their tensions on the jaunt and find out that even though they’re like Felix and Oscar in the Odd Couple, that they can have fun together.

Brian and Shaan’s Western Counterparts

We get to see a wild side of Richa as she lets her Easy Rider persona come out and hops on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle and leaves Vishal in the dust. This is a side that I hope stays front and center. I think she’s much more fun than the editors have led us to believe. There are hints to this from Monica as well when she tells Nehali that Richa and Vishal are couple goals and she envisions them at 70 still pinching each others’ rears.

The only butt-grabbing that occurred this episode, however, happened on a booze cruise that Amrit set up. Don’t get your hopes up Bronica fans, it was Vishal grabbing Amrit’s fanny and even Amrit thought it was weird. Taking advantage of the romantic setting, Amrit tries to introduce Brian to some locals. The effort sank before it got off the dock though. Bali is wishing O’Malley was there with her, but he did send her flowers to the hotel. As is the way of the world nowadays, nothing really happens unless you capture it on video for social media. To adhere to that law, Bali sends the delivery guy back out the door so Anish can capture it for the Gram in all its glory.

While Vishal is discussing the upcoming Roka on deck, the show flashes to the Aunties getting together once again and talking about it as well. The Aunty Circle is in consensus that long engagements are a bad idea, and that instead of a Roka, Vishal and Richa should just have a wedding. My favorite line of the night goes to Vishal when he’s in a confessional with his parents. He drops what is apparently the unspoken rule of arranged marriages, “It’s not okay to talk to strangers, but it’s okay to marry one.”

Rick Springfield Arranged Marriage PSA

Now to the main event that previews had us salivating for, or “How Amrit’s Games Make Everything Awks.” I think a lot of things go into this meltdown. The conversation Anish walked in on, Monica’s seemingly being the “perfect” Indian girl, the stolen moments between Monica and Brian, all of it. The only thing perfect in the end were the storm conditions. Anish makes a poke at Monica during Amrit’s where will the person on your left be at 2am game. Anish says Monica will be in Brian’s room. On it’s face it seems like a disrespectful thing to say of a conservative young woman and I get why Monica is offended. However, once context is revealed and Bali shares that Monica was in Brian’s room at 3am the night before, it doesn’t seem like a dig, as much as the past predicting the future. Monica and Brian are both tired of being the topic on everyone’s tongues though, and start texting back and forth at the table, much to Anish’s chagrin.

Five years may not seem like a big age gap, but it is a distinct one in a woman’s evolution. At Monica’s age, I was Monica. Concerned about what people thought, always wanting to do the right thing. At Anish’s age, I was like she was. Blunt, honest, and unapologetic about it. I was tired of placing my happiness in the hands of others’ expectations. In my mind, neither are wrong. They are where they are and life will continue to teach them.

The morning after, Anish and Bali have already left for home so Anish could spend time with her grandparents before they leave for India. Those left behind process the evening before and the missing four hours in Brian and Monica’s timeline. I think it was innocent, but the implications of the rest of the group shows that the gossip isn’t dying down soon. We’ll have to wait until next week to see how it continues to play out. We also get the return of Lopa Aunty which should forecast fireworks! I hope you’ll join me.

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