How to Save Thousands on Your Wedding with a Celeb Wedding Planner’s Top Tips

Real Housewives of Dallas’ LeeAnne Locken’s wedding definitely wasn’t the first for Steve Kemble, wedding planner to the stars and “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru.” His long and storied career has taught him a lot, including how to throw the most beautiful wedding ever, at much less expense than most.

Kiki and Kibbitz was SO incredibly lucky to have Steve on our podcast, where he dished about the untold story of LeeAnnes wedding (that dress!), and dispensed his wisest wedding wisdom to our listeners.

But in case you didn’t hear the episode, here are Steve’s top six wedding tips:

Don’t buy a “wedding dress.” Yeah, you heard that right! Instead of a dress that has been “labeled” a wedding dress, consider buying a gorgeous white evening gown. “Bridal shops are perfect to provide inspiration,” Steve says. “Bring your friends and go look.” But, he adds, don’t buy there. Instead, take that beautiful evening dress, add a gorgeous sash or get it embellished. You will literally save thousands of dollars.

Skip the champagne. The bubbly can run you $6-$12 dollars a glass, and it adds little value, Steven explains. “Buy it if you can afford it,” he says, “but it’s not necessary. Forgo the bubbles and let guests toast you with whatever is in their hands.” After all, he says, some people will take one sip. Others will take no sips, but they’ll lift that glass to you anyway. The truth is, no one cares what’s in that glass. It’s the toast that counts.

Don’t get married on Saturday. “As far as it’s related to vendors, bands, caterers, and reception halls, if you can choose a date other than Saturday, you’ll save thousands of dollars.” This makes even more sense with a destination wedding, since people won’t be at work anyway.

Hire a wedding planner for max negotiation skills. Ok, y’all. You saw Steve take front stage to negotiate LeeAnne’s wedding dress! Not saying that you’ll get a dress for free, but wedding planners call the same vendors all the time. Imagine if you call a florist once to negotiate your flowers. “I call that same florist 120 times a year,” Steve says. Hire a wedding planner and leverage their connections and buying power. Again, you could save thousands of dollars.

Don’t let them eat cake. These days, wedding cakes are no longer a mandatory confection. “A cake that’s a ‘wedding’ cake can be super expensive,” Steve explains. Get whatever cake you want! Get cupcakes! Get cookies! Get truffles!” Your guests may enjoy it even more, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

Tell them all to take a flying leap. Anyone who heard Steve on our podcast knows that if he knows how to do one thing, it’s how to have fun. “Go crazy with it!” he says. “Do what you want to do. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. In a wedding, there are so many outside influences telling you how it should be. I’m like ‘Shut up, bitch, that’s the wedding YOU wanted to have.’ ”  Ok, don’t say that to your grandma, but you get the point.

Bottom line: we love Steve! You can read more about him here and listen to the podcast episode here.

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