Is Dr. Deb Broke?

According to our interview with Kathy Marino, Executive Producer of OC Fashion Week, there may be a reason why Braunwyn’s “interesting” mom, Dr. Deb, was so hell-bent about going upstairs and pushing her way past the organizers of the event to get to her daughter Braunwyn. And *not* just to complain about her treatment at the event.

Kathy told us that there was a rumor that Dr. Deb was at the bar downstairs at the show and didn’t have money to pay for her drinks! (Maybe the medical business is suffering based on her wardrobe. Would you go to a doctor who looked like that, if you weren’t looking for aura balancing or crystal healing? Personally, I would not.)

Was Dr. Deb pushing her way upstairs to find Braunwyn to get money for drinks??

Kathy Marino says that staff on the bottom floor of the yacht (parts of the fashion show were on different floors and Dr. Deb was trying to get to the third floor, despite the team not being ready) told her that Dr. Deb was, indeed, barging up stairs aggressively to find her daughter to get cash for drinks–not trying to get to the bathroom as she said on the show.

Of course, we know that this allegation is more speculation than fact. But truly, it doesn’t sound unlikely at all. What’s more, I wouldn’t be surprised if she frequently indulges, based on her weird, erratic behavior.

Appearances can be deceiving. But maybe this time, not so much.

Check out Episode 5 and listen to Kathy’s side of the story!

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