It’s Totally A Jealousy Thing

The Vanderpump Rules gang is back in L.A. and it’s time for Pride. We open with Tom and Katie sniffing laundry in their new home. Who says romance is dead? Sandoval shows up with custom suits for them to wear at TomTom during Pride. I can’t help but think if they spent half as much time on interpersonal relationships as they do on costuming that they might actually have a shot at adulting.

At Villa Rosa, a few of the SUR crew come over to work on posters for the parade. Lisa takes Scheana aside to try and resolve the Dayna drama. Lisa has the nerve, the audacity, the chutzpah even to ask if it might be a jealousy thing. Scheana is aghast and says more times than I care to count, “It’s not a jealousy thing!” Up to this point, I was honestly thinking it was a “Dayna is an unfunny ice queen” thing, but taking “Methinks thou doth protest too much,” into consideration…it’s totally a jealousy thing. If you need any more proof, Scheana can’t keep Dayna’s name out of her mouth for the rest of the day.

Ariana drops by to finish her talk with Lisa about her depression. Ariana opens up about suicidal thoughts and those days when you just don’t want to shower or face the day. Completely relatable and it needs to be spoken of more throughout the reality universe. It ends on an even more heartwarming note, when Ariana says, “Who cares,” and Lisa reminds her that Tom does and so does she. Anyone suffering needs to make a list reminding themselves of all of the people who care and refer to it when things get bleak.

Switching gears from heartwarming to hysterical, we get the return of James. Two seconds into his reconciliation with Lala, he steps in it bigtime by joining in the #Fofty drama on Twitter. Who can blame him? That was all I did that whole weekend. I don’t care who you are, that was some of the funniest stuff Twitter blessed us with in 2019.

We get the sights and sounds of Pride intermixed with Jax “meeting” Dayna and her acting annoyed that he doesn’t remember her from The Mondrian. Jax can barely list the women he’s bedded, let alone clinger chicks grinding on his friend at a party. Don’t flatter yourself.

James and Lala make up before his set at TomTom, but he won’t let her have a sip of his drink. Lala’s guess is that James is still drinking and based on his conversation with Raquel, she might be right. The fact that Raquel said she doesn’t want to upset him because he has a tendency to explode is worrisome.

We get some Madrigal scenes and I’m thrilled. He has a sit down with Raquel about her needing to prioritize her job over her relationship. Such an asset to SUR and the show. We need more of him, in my opinion.

We end with a tacky wardrobe summit between Scheana and Dayna and I’m all, “ugh.” Inhalers and tears on one side, indignation without the righteousness on the other. I personally wouldn’t have apologized without receiving an apology in return. Dayna has dangled Max’s baby carrot as bait since jump while beating Scheana with a stick to anyone who’ll listen, so she’s no innocent waif in this scenario.

Previews for next week show us getting into the pastor drama. Looks like friendships will be tested yet again. Hope to see you then! Don’t forget to check out this week’s bonus episode of Kiki & Kibbitz:

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