Real Housewives of New Jersey: The One Where No One Is Happy by the End

Today I had my first experience with writer’s block since I began this little journey. Usually on blogging days, I avoid social media like people today are avoiding popping bubble wrap that could have been made with coronavirus-filled air. I want the insights I share to be my own and to not be unduly influenced by the thoughts of my friends.

Generally when I watch any of the shows I recap, there’s some little thread that catches my attention that I can pull on and use that string to create a yarn of my own. That didn’t happen this time. I wasn’t bouncing up and down with anticipation and excited to share my thoughts. It all felt sort of “meh.” (Is that what the kids say now or am I woefully behind again?)

To snake the blockage I decided to change things up and look for inspiration on Twitter. Boy howdy, did people have opinions aplenty. Vastly differing ones to boot. Thankfully no one has invented a monitor that conveys it accurately though, or I’d have been covered with spittle, venom, tears (both of sadness and laughter) and who knows what else. They all had one thing I lacked though…passion.

Whether it was Marge fans getting what they deemed to be justice or Teresa fans getting half a show dedicated solely to her family, people found something that gave them an emotional response. I’m not saying I felt nothing through the episode. Contrary to the opinions of some, I’m not a sociopath. It just felt to me like I was watching something I had already seen before.

I can’t quite place what is causing this feeling, but I feel like I’m in one of Dante’s unwritten circles of hell…namely redundancy. We hear all of these stories play out in the tabloids, so we already know the ending. We’ve dissected them on social media for months so the climactic moments are…well, anti-climactic to go for the obvious.

I’ve found through the season that the moments that moved me most, whether to tears or to laughter, are the unexpected ones. The family dinners at Easter had me bawling, and Tony the Turk had me laughing so hard the screen looked like it was underwater.

As for the title of this blog, while it does apply somewhat to the show as none of the Guidices seemed happy to have only a weekend together, it mostly applies to what I have to offer you. My goal with these is always to leave someone with a laugh or a new way of looking at something. Unfortunately I can’t do that this time. Which leaves me unhappy at the end, and I’m guessing that it will you too.

Never one to be able to end on a completely sour note though, the reunion looks like it might reignite some zeal. Fingers crossed that next week the strings to pull will be plentiful, and everything old is new again. Hope to see you then!

In the meantime, if you’re looking for folks who never lack an opinion, check out Brianna and Jordan’s podcast:

2 thoughts on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: The One Where No One Is Happy by the End”

  1. Totally understand the feeling of we’ve already seen/done this. So, more importantly… now Mama Joyce’s streets are saying I need to be afraid of bubble wrap? 😳 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Lol. It was a Facebook post I saw, don’t know if it originated with Mama Joyce or not. Just said that bubble wrap made in China might contain it. Ruined my day. I love poppin’ wrap.

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