Real Housewives of New York City: Back in the Saddle

They told us the women were in Cancun, but I’m pretty sure they detoured and landed on the Isle of Denial. The worst part is that they really want us to buy what they’re selling. Sonja wants us to believe that the insanity we were subjected to last week was because of a water pill. Ramona thinks she can convince us that Turtle Time never happened and she’s the embodiment of moderation. And Dorinda is delusional if she thinks we don’t see her for the defiant, deflecting drunk that she is.

The only women whose stories aligned with reality were Luann’s and Leah’s. I may not be a fan of drunk Leah, or hostile Leah, but I will give her the credit she’s due when she’s sober and being the voice of reason. Despite the fact that Dorinda is her ally, she’s calling her out both in her confessionals and to her face to a point. She’s smart enough though not to bang her head against the brick wall of Dorinda’s delusions and lets the previous night’s misdeeds go.

She also lets Ramona slide, at least for now, as the apologizer did what she’s best known for. Well that, and wearing macrame cover-ups. Avery needs to change the password on Ramona’s Etsy account so we can all be spared the waffle weave imprints.

Camel Caravan of Crazy

After breakfast the women head out to get back in the saddle. Luann (Our Lady of the Bucking Camel) actually gives it another go after the madness that occurred the last time she rode one in Marrakesh. If nothing else, Lu is a good sport. She’s also taken more of a peacemaker role than that of the condescending Countess lately. It’s nice to this side of her back in action.

Post pack animal plodding, the ladies head to a cabana for lunch. Lu decides that after the bonding experience of her and Dorinda being the only ones to complete the camel ride, that it’s the perfect time to hash out the lash out from the night before. Luann quickly learns however that there is no good time to talk to Dorinda about anything she’s done wrong, because Dorinda rarely admits it until someone can roll tape. She straight up fabricated things that Luann said in order to justify her behavior. It will be interesting to see how she wriggles out of it if it came up this week at the reunion filming.

After a little beach volleyball, they head to La Parilla to celebrate Sonja’s birthday. I’m not saying it’s not a nice gesture on Dorinda’s part, but it appears lately that Dorinda can’t do anything without juxtaposing her actions against someone else’s to make herself look superior. If she wants to do something for Sonja, do it. But using it as a way to take a dig at Ramona makes it seem calculated instead of sincere. Much the same way that pointing out that she’s never gotten a mugshot over her drinking looks when she calls out Luann.

Deleted scene from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

No birthday in Mexico would be complete apparently without being serenaded by the Countess in a poncho filled with fairy lights and Dorinda carrying out a sparkler cake wearing fake bazongas that would make Dolly Parton envious. Although judging by the looks on the musicians’ faces, a wall to keep Real Housewives out might not be a bad idea.

The show ends with yet another double-standard blow up between Ramona and Leah. I’m as prudish if not more so than Ramona, but hypocrisy bothers me way more than blue topics. Good for the goose should be good for the gander, and if Sonja can drop the “p” bomb then Leah should have the same freedom.

Next week it looks like Lu and Leah both have a shot at a testosterone infusion on this estrogen-filled trip. And we’ll be treated to the fallout of the Dorintervention to boot. Hope you’ll join me.

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