Real Housewives of New York City: Everything Is Abuzz

A buzzing theme hummed through this week’s episode that had nothing to do with bees. From vibrating bags to Sonja being in the bag, and from game show props to Ramona’s rumor spreading…everything was abuzz.

We open with Luann fulfilling her promise to the women from The Fortune Society with a spa day. While waiting for her guests to arrive, she decides to experiment with bangs. I didn’t see that big of a difference, but apparently Ramona barely recognized her and said she reminded her of that “famous actress that married the older gentleman.” I thought it was very uncharacteristic of Ramona to remember Katharine McPhee and not rich, former house-husband David Foster. Maybe she blocks men’s names that only go younger than their current wives.

Luann wants to discuss Ramona’s party, and Leah and Sonja must not have been the only ones over-consuming because Ramona thinks it was the party of the century. I must say, I enjoyed it immensely, but for its train wreck qualities more so than being able to feel the love. Dorinda is more in my camp on this and thought the decor looked like a douche commercial. She also said that it was ridiculous for a 63 year old to still be throwing herself birthday parties, and outs the fact that Ramona asked everyone to donate 100 dollars so she could buy herself a Gucci bag. I found it interesting that she didn’t counteract Leah calling the crowd “creepy” though considering they’re Dorinda’s friends too.

Dorinda does point out that it was Sonja’s antics and not Leah’s that caused her to have a piece of glass get stuck in her foot post-Sonja’s mirror dance. She also re-dons her ever present amateur psychoanalyst hat to tell Leah that she thinks Ramona is threatened by Leah because she possesses one thing that Ramona can’t buy, which is youth. In my opinion that might be a component, but I truly think the majority of Ramona’s beef is that she was embarrassed in front of her socialite friends. Sonja may have been embarrassing as well, but she’s friends with all of these same ladies and has to account for her own behavior to them. I think Ramona feels like the onus for Leah’s behavior falls on her because she brought this particular outsider in.

Dorinda looks like she’s about to pay Hannibal Lecter a visit in prison.

The women from the Fortune Society arrive and they all had glamorous transformations and were really grateful to Luann for the experience. I was so off the mark on this, so I need to own up to it again…this was not superficial. This meant something to them and seeing them glow and feel revitalized and beautiful was really something special, so kudos (or kadooz) to Lu.

After the spa day, Sonja invites Dorinda and Ramona for a sneak peek of her displays at Century 21. It’s nice to see one of Sonja’s visions take form and both Dorinda and Ramona seem genuinely proud of her. Dorinda has dubbed Sonja the Little Engine That Could for thinking she could and then doing it. While they are there Dorinda decides to try and push Ramona toward having a talk with Leah so the Cancun trip won’t be ruined. Ramona insists that she’ll be civil, but that she doesn’t want to talk to Leah. After Dorinda leaves, however, Ramona decides to share some information a friend told her with Sonja. She tells Sonja that Leah is bi-polar and that she thinks her mixing alcohol with medication is probably why Leah behaves that way.

I’m sure a lot of people are going to give Ramona grief about this, but I will say this…it’s out there on the internet for anyone to read. I read it myself before I found out it would even be brought up on the show. It was a very emotional piece and it helped me understand Leah more to be honest. My takeaway was more sympathetic than Ramona’s, but I have a hard time accusing her of crossing any lines when it seems like she was trying to make sense of what came off to her as erratic behavior. That said, I hope this can be delved into further as a way to remove the stigma regarding mental health issues. If it’s only weaponized to judge, then it will be yet another missed opportunity to do something good with the platform they have.

Is that a juicer in your bag or are you just happy to see me?

We’re finally off to sunny Cancun and the women have barely landed before things are buzzing yet again. This time, it’s a piece of Luann’s luggage. Luann insists that it’s a juicer she brought along with her, but the ladies seem to think Lu brought a toy in case there aren’t any pirates on the Yucatan peninsula.

The women pull up to the Villa Casa Del Mar and it is absolutely breathtaking. They’re met with drinks and cold towels with their names embroidered on them. Ramona hurries inside ahead of the other ladies and I quickly assumed she was going to make a mad dash to the best room, but she didn’t. She was gobsmacked and stopped in her tracks when she saw how vast the staff was. You’d have thought she died and was arriving in her version of Heaven. I couldn’t help but cringe when she referred to them to their faces as “servants.” Let’s face it. Ramona seriously is the epitome of Rip Van Winkle in a woke world.

She and Sonja scuttle off to sit on lounge chairs by the beach and Ramona finally shares what exactly Leah did that embarrassed her so much. Per Ramona, Leah had been pulling up her dress and flashing her bits and pieces to the guests. I call bunk on this because Leah told us in a confessional last week that she had a nude body suit on under her dress, which would mean that the bits were covered. Maybe Ramona had her eyes closed instead of popping when she pulled down Leah’s skirt and she just assumed, but we all know what happens when we assume.

Effluvia for the win!!

Dorinda decides they’re going to play a game to determine rooms. Staying on theme, she whips out a buzzer for them to hit before they answer questions about each other. Hysterically Luann guesses the answer correctly about Sonja and Sonja gets it wrong. As her prize Luann gets first pick of the rooms which delights her to no end. No lower level for the Countess on this trip. Leah wins second pick and she and Luann head off to claim their rooms. Ramona and Sonja wind up with three different rooms to choose from, and in true Ramonja form decide to share.

I swear I did not see it happen, but somewhere along the line Sonja went from silly and fine to lit like the proverbial Christmas tree. I don’t know whether it was the rose’ or if it was pharmaceutical, but she was beyond buzzed. I felt so sorry for the staff member who did her blowout as Sonja sat there in her birthday suit. Some paychecks just aren’t worth it.

On the terrace of the master suite Dorinda breaks out her stirring stick to make sure whatever is brewing in the pot doesn’t settle to the bottom. Not unlike with Tinsley, I’m really lost at what Ramona did to Dorinda to have her organizing these attacks on her. She tried to get Elyse to do it, but since that didn’t fly she’s winding up Leah to aim in Ramona’s direction. Ramona’s no saint, in fact she can be horrid, but I’m a cause and effect gal. I usually don’t go on the attack unless someone comes at me first, so for the life of me I can’t figure out what’s got this bee buzzing in Dorinda’ bonnet. The last time I saw a friend go so hard at another friend, it ended in a “Goodbye, Kyle.”

Thanks for the K & K nod, Leah!

Leah is wound up enough without Dorinda’s assistance and is now saying that Ramona’s reaction to her behavior at the party was no big deal because she’s moved on to greater grievances. Sonja let it slip to Leah before Mexico that Ramona had been talking about Leah having bi-polar disorder. Leah is digusted that Ramona would cross that line and gossip about her mental health. Leah goes on to say that she’s not even on medication for her Bi-Polar II disorder, so that Ramona is off the mark there as well.

It all comes to a head later in the evening at a ceviche-making lesson. A buzzing Sonja tries to broker what I guess in her mind was a peace, but it was more like throwing a match on a barrel of gasoline. Leah explodes and Ramona runs off and we’re left to wait and see how this all turns out next week. I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. spot on as usual… i still can’t with leah.. i’ve seen enough of her to last me a life time.. i seriously think they all need some alcohol education though.

    1. They need to move them to a dry county for filming or something. I have one next to me. Lol Sonja looks good now in the confessionals, so maybe she had a wake up call. Jury is still out on Leah. Her reactions remind me of my girls when they were teenagers.

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