Real Housewives of New York City: Feeling Boredvani

This was the very definition of a filler episode, so I’m just going to do a few quick hits on things and let you enjoy your weekend.

Lu met up with Jacques who is still working the Farrah Fawcett look, albeit with some salt mixed in with the pepper. He and Lu have maintained their friendship since their breakup, but it’s apparently without benefits because Jacques is engaged now. Luann is inviting him to do his comedy for a joint effort she’s hosting with Chanel, of the Chanel in the City podcast. Die hard Bravo fans might remember her from Princesses Long Island. They’ll be raising money both for an anti-bullying organization and a charity that helps former convicts returning to society.

Bravo’s good ol’ days

Speaking of society…at least the financial kind, Dorinda is in full on Mrs. Medley mode as she tours her old neighborhood before stopping to meet up with some of the girls at a restaurant she and Richard dined at weekly. I personally think that with things not going well with John, it’s natural for her to pine for a part of her romantic life that did go well. A few of my friends have theorized that Dorinda never properly grieved Richard because she got involved with John so quickly after. I think they may be onto something.

Leah and her ex have an interesting relationship. I couldn’t help but feel like when she was offering up that they were both single that she was maybe looking for a little stress release, but he shot it down quickly. I like that they keep it light and civil for their daughter. It’s not always easy to do and I admire it.

Sonja “lets us in” on something most of us figured out already. The fashion line isn’t making any money. A little birdie told me that what she’s doing is curating a collection. In other words, finding already made items and marking them up and distributing them under her line. I’m a thrifty shopper, so it’s not in my nature to pay more for something because a celebrity’s name is attached. If her people see a profit to be had, I hope they’re right, but a part of me will always wish that she had gone the toaster oven route. THAT I would’ve stood in line for.

I know I’ll never get one, but I really, really want one!

On the way to Luann’s event, Ramona and Leah carpool together and share what I feel is a moment when Ramona is at her best. Granted, about 98% of the time she’s rude, socially awkward, and overflowing with malapropisms. However, 2% of the time she really does pull you in when she’s trying to be maternal. I think she gave Leah some great advice on how to heal things with her mom. Communication is everything. Texts are expedient, but they aren’t good at conveying emotional messages. I think a one-on-one between Leah and her mom could work wonders.

At the “main event” it’s feeling more like an opening act…or several. It’s a little disjointed, plus I’ve never seen comedy done with two people sitting right behind you at a table. Even Johnny Carson had the comedians far off to the side of his desk so the spotlight was solely on them. Comedy needs focused attention. As for Jacques accent, if you’re actually listening he makes himself clear. The fact that it was Dorinda making an issue of it surprised me, since we’ve heard regularly of her time abroad, one would expect she’s used to accents and dialects. Maybe it wasn’t her talking though, but the tequila.

On the subject of alcohol Lu has her second drink on camera that she still claims is her first since being off probation. If we’ve seen two, I’d hazard a guess that there have been at least four. I don’t think she’s an alcoholic, so I don’t see a problem with it, but I did tend to agree with Elyse that if Lu’s going to AA then she shouldn’t drink. If you want to drink and don’t see yourself as an alcoholic, isn’t AA something you can say goodbye to? I’d assume that the people who are attending are looking for people they can empathize with. Just my two cents…which buys absolutely nothing nowadays.

The show ends with a fight I can’t get invested in. I actually thought Dorinda inviting Leah to the lunch with Tinsley was a good idea. It’s like having a translator between two people that speak entirely different languages and the translator understands both. I did not agree with Dorinda constantly bringing it up though. If she hadn’t made it a thing it wouldn’t have been one. By constantly poking at Tinsley about it, it turned into unnecessary drama. It was the only drama in the whole show though, so maybe Dorinda was trying to throw us a bone.

Next week we get our hick on and you’ll see how my half lives. Corn as far as the eye can see and tractors toting you around like Angela from 90 Day Fiance totes eggs. Hope to see you then!

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