Real Housewives of New York City: Passive Aggressive Fashion

It’s Fashion Week and I need to give you fair warning. I had zero sense of fashion pre-quarantine, so if you’re looking for a breakdown of style and looks…I’m probably not a good source. So much so that you might actually catch me out somewhere these days in that grey cashmere two-piece.

Sonja is prepping for her Sonja by Sonja Morgan show and it is your typical whirlwind of chaos that is very Sonja by Sonja Morgan. The show is days away and she’s just now ironing out models and other important details that a show can’t happen without. I would be a hot mess if I was that under the gun, but then again, I’d have been done a week beforehand.

Tinsley was invited to close out Garo Sparo’s fashion show who is a designer who was once on Project Runway. Dale is pleased that the old Tinsley is back, but the Tinsley melting down over the crown seemed very much like the Tinsley who lost it when Scott showed up unexpectedly, so I’m not seeing much of a difference. I did learn something new as I witnessed Sparo’s line and that is that avant-garde apparently means “your butt is showing” in French. Oh, and did you happen to catch a peek at the time traveler at the show? I would have missed him if it hadn’t been for his COVID chic mask!

Ahead of his time.

Tinsley looked like her cupcake self and the show went off without a hitch, so it’s on to Pamella Rowland’s. This is a name I do recognize and you know she’s a heavy hitter if Ramona is kicking someone else off of the step and repeat so she can be seen with her. One of the most hysterical things (and annoying things, if I’m being honest) about Ramona is that she can have zero manners and then within seconds turn around and call someone else rude like she did with both Leah and Tinsley. If only she held herself to similar behavior standards.

After Pamella’s show they all meet for lunch and Leah arrives. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Leah, but I’m not sure that her excuse about being too upset to come sit in her front row seat would’ve flown with me either. A family emergency, car trouble, or illness I can understand. However, there have been multiple times where my mom and I didn’t see eye to eye for a few days and it never caused me to miss a business commitment, which is essentially what this was. That said, it is infinitely more upsetting that Dale and Tinsley’s argument about hair. I enjoy Dale, but I’m starting to see that Tinsley is the way that she is because of Dale. How can I expect her to be deep when these are the issue puddles she’s wading in?

Married to the Mob circa 2014

I did like getting some background on Leah’s Married to the Mob clothing line. I don’t know that you’d ever catch me saying “I paved the way for other women” the way she did though, even if I was the first at something. That kind of thing is best said by people other than yourself regardless of how true it is. I had been wondering where the fashion line’s name came from and after meeting her ex it all became pretty clear. Rob sounded like he was straight off the set of Goodfellas. I think there’s more to Leah’s drinking than we’re being told though, because if both her mom and her ex are having such strong reactions, there’s a much bigger skeleton of a story hiding in her closet.

Dorinda is talking with her HMUA Luke about John. While Ramona is tactless, it seems like she was pretty on the mark as far as he goes. In this instance I can’t help but assume “lifestyle choices” means some pretty hard partying and after it was semi-exposed by Sonja a few years back, I think Dorinda is either over her party girl ways or is at least trying to distance herself from the appearance of it.

Speaking of appearance, the passive aggressiveness is real no matter what Sonja says, because while I would be caught in those cashmere sweats in my hick town, I would not show up at a fashion show in them. I’m also trying to figure out what Ramona was angling at when saying that Sonja didn’t have a designer. Is Sonja just letting someone use her name when she really has no say on what the clothes look like? I get that it happens in the branding world, but putting “by” in the name there is more than a white lie if she has no say.

What not to wear

The show goes off with several hitches, because, well….Sonja. No music, no lights, but some of the clothes were cute. Leah confronts her afterward when Sonja makes a jab like she doesn’t know that it’s Lil’ Kim’s face all over Leah’s dress. Leah calls her out over being mad still about the Hamptons and in attempt to prove there’s no merit to the accusation, Sonja strips down right there and puts the outfit on. This is how Sonja gets away with things and why we love her. She knows she looks like half my neighbors in Ohio right now and would never wear that to any public function. But, by making a spectacle of herself and being over -the-top as always, she’s easy to forgive.

Next week, Lu is no longer sneaking drinks, but doing it right out in the open. I didn’t see any bushes around, so I’m anxious to see if she has a soft place to fall with the ladies. Hope to see you then!

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