SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 5: New Season, Who ‘Dis?

Drop your buffs, people, it’s time to talk! Join Jen and Brianna in a play-by-play of episode 5, where Edge of Extinction continues to corral some of the game’s most legendary players. After the tribes are mingled and divided into three, it becomes a weird love/hate fest, filled with hero worship and Survivor-lebrity crushes. Suddenly, exes Michelle and Wendell are marooned on the same tribe, prompting some of the most amusing and awkward exchanges we’ve ever seen on the show. It all culminates in the takedown of The Godfather (cue death-march music). But like White Walkers, those who end up on Edge of Extinction are likely to rise again, more powerful and evil than before. BONUS: We fixed the sound! 

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