SURVIVOR WINNERS AT WAR, Episode 6: From Pawn to Power Player

It’s only fitting that Jen and Brianna should hold a virtual cocktail party to recap one of the best-ever episodes of Survivor. Ohio lifts a glass of moonshine and California raises a skinny margarita as we toast to what is arguably the most epic blindside/power move in the history of the game.  Like Sandra, we probably underestimated Denise, who started making rookie mistakes on day 1, disappearing into the woods with Adam to talk strategy. We called her a goat. Sandra told Jeff she wasn’t a threat. SURPRISE. That’s why they’re Winners at War, people. TELL US HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT DENISE’S MONEY MOVES! Send us an email at, tweet us at @KikiandKibbitz, or leave us a voice message here: We just may play it on the podcast. Stay safe, people. We love you. XO 

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