Survivor Winners at War: From Pawn To Power Player

Is your jaw still laying on the floor? Mine sure is! I also have giddy little butterflies of joy flitting their way through my body. This season is EPIC!!! Whether you’re here to relive the glorious moment or learn about it for the first time, the Survivor recap starts now!

Dawn breaks on Yara and Adam is reveling in not being under Rob’s rules any longer. He and Ben feel like emancipated teens whose parents have left town. For Ben it was the lack of respect he felt emanating from Rob. Ben’s won a million dollars too, so he thinks he should be seen as a peer. Adam already has snuffer’s remorse though as he sees Ben cozy up to Sophie and Sarah, and wonders if Rob was the right choice. The vengeful side of me hopes it bites him in the backside in the near future.

On the Edge of Extinction, Tyson shows up at breakfast bearing a log with a clue. Amber immediately has flashbacks of the log challenge and audibly groans.For a chance at getting a fire token they are tasked with leaving no stone on EOE unturned, because one of them has an opportunity under it. According to Rob there are about 8 million of them on the island. He tells us he knows that because he’s counted most of them. He and Amber head off to a cliff at the top of the island because Rob is taking the word edge literally. Tyson, on the other hand, takes all of the information in the clue into consideration and focuses his search on the only thing that marks time on the island. The right place and time has to do with the tides and he spies his quarry not far from him, but is under the watchful eyes of the Godfather.

His genius diversion is to do the one thing that will get people to stop staring and turn away, which happens to be pretending to tinkle. His ruse works and he’s able to hide the clue in his waistband. When he has a free moment he reads it quickly and learns he has a chance to sell and idol nullifier. It doesn’t hold any powers of immunity, but it will give the purchaser a chance to block the use of an idol at tribal. He wisely chooses Parvati to sell it to and she snatches it up in a heartbeat. With his token he purchases a jar of peanut butter and thinks it’s sneaky and hilarious to be building up his strength with none of his castaways being hip to it.

On to the Immunity and Reward challenge, we discover that only the first team to complete the Bags, Balls, and Maze task will avoid tribal council. Keeping on theme, the reward will be peanut butter and jelly. Whether she could smell it or she was trying to manifest her hopes and dreams, Sophie guessed it before Jeff could even remove the cover. Sele dominated through most of the challenge with Yara not far behind. Not sure if Sit Out Sandra would have been an asset to trailing Dakal, but we’ll never know. Wendell’s karma from smack talking puts Sele behind as his ball drops and Yara’s lands, leaving the last ball and their victory in Sophie’s capable hands. She pulls it off and Sele and Dakal are heading to tribal.

Parvati feels alone and targeted on Sele. The numbers aren’t in her favor as Yul, Nick, and Wendell appear to be a solid voting bloc. Wendell gives her a great opportunity to drive a wedge in it though, as he offers her his vote for 2 fire tokens. Instead of taking him up on the offer she uses it as leverage to sway Nick and show him Wendell’s duplicitous nature. Nick realizes that Parvati is a visible threat, but now sees Wendell as a hidden one. He knows whatever he decides, there will be huge consequences in the future.

At Dakal, Tony has straight up lost his mind building a spy bunker near the well. He’s not even in jeopardy for the vote and he’s acting a fool. Sandra reassesses the groups decision to vote off Denise and offers to sell Denise her immunity idol that’s good for one more tribal in exchange for Denise’s fire tokens. Denise offers to give her one now and one after tribal if it goes down like Sandra is predicting.

Sele is up first with the voting and Wendell is cocky as heck with his honesty about being willing to stab someone not only in the back, but in the front if it advances his game. Parvati outs his selfish offer and he stands by it, but she chooses not to bite. Maybe she was counting on Nick and his childhood crush to see the light about Wendell, but Nick isn’t a risk taker, and he for sure won’t go down in Survivor history as a power player either. He sticks with his bros and Parv is sent packing.

Denise – Power Player In The Making

Now we arrive at the climax. I could soak in its beauty for hours. Denise is going home. Everyone sitting there knows it and has no qualms about openly discussing it. It’s all but a done deal until after the vote when Jeff asks if anyone has immunity. They are all shocked as Denise rises and plays the one she bought from Sandra. Sandra is smirking because she’s in on the plan and knows what’s up. Or does she? Denise then plays her second idol on behalf of Jeremy. I’m guessing she did this in case they split the vote, but it proves to be unnecessary. The four votes cast for Denise go up in flames, so it comes down to who Denise wrote down. Had she followed the plan, Tony would be exiting stage left, but in epic fashion she topples the queen and Sandra is snuffed. From pawn to the biggest power player in the game in one council. Denise has become my new hero!

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