Survivor Winners At War: It’s a Baby Shark Not Jaws, Dummy…doo doo do

Do you hear the tribe singing? Like sirens beckoning sailors to rocky shores, we’re drawn back to the island for another week of nail-biting moments.

Adam isn’t happy that Rob, Parvati, and Ethan have control of the tribe and he’s out to make big moves to shake things up. To ensure Denise’s loyalty in voting out Parv, he gives her back the half of the idol he has and now she has a whole idol and is safe. Ben would rather vote out Rob because he’s an Alpha male, but will settle for Parv so he doesn’t rock the boat. Adam tells Ethan and Ethan isn’t happy because Parv is his number one.

Over at Dakal, Sandra (who swears this is her last go at the game) tries to step into the provider role and sets up a net in a tide pool hoping to catch some fish. As she’s fishing, Tyson is planting seeds of rebellion against her. He says what I’ve been thinking the whole time…she’s already banked 2 million, why isn’t she the target? Yul acts like it’s a good idea because he likes predictability and Sandra is anything but predictable.

Sandra’s net works and it’s baby shark for breakfast. I finally got my grandson to quit playing that song over and over and now it’s stuck in my head again. Thanks a heap, Tony. Getting a good meal has morale and energy high for Dakal.

Over on the Edge of Extinction, Natalie is proving to be an impressive (albeit devious as heck) player. She manages to figure out that the shells on the string that came with the clue are the combination to the lock. She tosses the second one and smashes the shells on the third so Amber and Danni can’t figure it out.

She proves her cleverness once again when she chooses Sarah as the player to sell her steal the vote advantage to. Sarah used that advantage on Game Changers, so she knows the value of it. She’s a little spooked by the fact that to get the advantage, she’ll have to sneak into Sele’s camp and retrieve it from one of their torches.

My next meal happens to be my own words for mocking the Cops R Us alliance, because Tony helps his partner out on her mission, They both travel by boat over to Sele’s camp under the cover of darkness. I was white-knuckled through the whole mission, but Sarah pulled it off and gained her advantage.

The next day is the Immunity & Reward (chicken kabobs) challenge. Dakal gets an early lead as Sele waits for Michele to complete the platform jump. Then it’s Rob’s turn to slow Sele down at the rope toss. Just when you think it’s going to turn into a runaway win, Rob and Michele join forces on the tree puzzle and actually go into the lead. I’m already missing all of my nails from biting them during Sarah’s mission, so I go for hand-wringing instead. It goes back and forth and Dakal is on their final piece and Sarah DROPS IT! Oh my heck, I’m dying now as Rob gets his piece in and only Michele’s piece is left. Sarah picks hers up in time though, and she and Sophie secure the win for Dakal.

Back at camp, Sele is silent for what seems like eons when Jeremy finally gets up which basically sets of the starting gun for strategizing to commence. Adam goes to Rob with the Parvati plan and Rob agrees, but then immediately gets to work trying to get the tribe to flip on Adam. I, for one, love it when I have no clue what’s going to happen at tribal.

Apparently my stomach wasn’t full from eating my Cops R Us comments, and I immediately have to digest the fact that truly not knowing sucks, as Jeremy’s idea to oust Ethan is the outcome. Ethan’s comment about not knowing much about bunkers proved itself prophetic. I’m dumbfounded and in shock, but still can’t wait for next week. This season is AWESOME!

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