Survivor Winners At War: Queens Don’t Quit

Anyone who’s read my previous blogs or has listened to Brianna and I debate on our Winners At War podcast will not be shocked by my reaction to Sandra’s departure. If you’re new here or a Sandra Stan, however, you might want to buckle up, because bumpy isn’t going to come close to describing this ride.

Sandra calling it quits before a single grain of sand from EOE could lodge itself under her pinky toenail is one of the lamest things I’ve seen in the history of Survivor. I’ve read many of the justifications on Twitter including her own and I call bunk. I’m a huge proponent of knowing one’s failings and weaknesses, but no one will be able to convince me that true queens quit. I’m actually glad I’m not a fan in this moment, because I would be totally let down by her.

Her throne was false and rightfully up in flames

Compare for a moment her decision with Ethan’s tenacity. He has been on EOE for far longer than she has, has gone through the grueling log challenge, has the weight of what might happen to his body during this deprivation looming over him, and he is still fighting in this game. His vulnerability during his talk with Parvati was the inspiration we all need right now. For those saying she will always be the queen, I’ll offer you this. Anyone who wins this will be a two time winner with a total 3 million collected vs. her two. If a woman wins, there will be a rightful new queen. So, adios Sandra. Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you. Now on with the show.

Wendell is proving to be one of the biggest jerks ever to participate in the game. To be honest, I don’t know what Michelle ever saw in him and why she’s still under his thumb. No man would ever get away with speaking to me the way he does to her, and he for dang sure wouldn’t have been rewarded for it by me with one of Parv’s fire tokens. What the heck is she thinking?

Back on the Edge of Extinction, the exiled get another chance to earn up to four fire tokens with no “per person” limit. Tyson can mock Rob’s portliness all he wants, but by the time the search was over, it was the Godfather walking away with the lion’s share of them. Rob managed to get 3 of the 4 without anyone knowing. He even made it through a frisking from Tyson. My cup of hope is being filled once again that it’s not over for the boy from Boston.

Tony doing sprints on the beach is so very…Tony. I seriously can’t figure this guy out and am willing to hear from any of you that have a bead on him. I do know that he’s thrilled at Denise’s move that ousted Sandra and sees her as a shield now. I just don’t think anyone on his tribe agrees with him.

Over at Yara, Adam and Ben continue their bratty brother routine. My heart goes out to Sophie and Sarah. What a nightmare duo to share sand with. I thought Adam’s paranoia had peaked in previous episodes, but I was wrong. He makes Mel Gibson’s character in Conspiracy Theory look positively down to earth and rational. If he keeps spinning out like this I won’t have to worry about anyone taking him down, he’ll self destruct on his own.

I don’t know about you all, but the Immunity Challenge this week made me glad I’ve never applied for the show. I missed Nick’s season, so it was all new to me and it looked grueling. Yara’s choice of the tortoise method beat out the Dakal and Sele hares, so Yara ensured their safety first. That left the two rabbits going head to head, and the one that kept their focus and avoided smack-talk came out the victor. Dakal got the second half of the immunity idol and Sele now has to choose who goes home.

They’re coming for Yul!

And this, my friends, is where I totally lost my crap, threw down my binder with all of my notes and cursed the day that Brianna convinced me to watch again. My pick from day one got blindsided by a jerk, a jethro, and a jezebel. Yul and his big heart and even bigger brain got bested by people I’d go all Sue Hawk on. They’re rats, and I hope one of the snakes is victorious in the end.

Next week we’ve got the merge coming. How will it change the game, and will we finally see the folks on the edge make their way back in? I hope you’ll tune in with me to see!

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