Survivor Winners At War: The Price of Paranoia

Drop your buffs, folks, and merge with our minicast tribe as we break down the second episode of Survivor: Winners at War.

With Amber now on the Edge of Extinction, she predictably and appropriately bequeathed her fire token to Rob. The tokens, when received, don’t come with any indication of who bestowed it upon the player. Rob’s first thought is obviously that Amber was voted off, but as he talks to Parvati the denial stage of grief sets in and he posits that it may be from Sandra. (Cue the laughter from all of us watching from our couches who know how mad Sandra is about Rob’s perceived betrayal.)

Next up on the Isle of Wrong-Headed Thinking is Ben. Big, dumb, goofy Ben. In fairness, I missed his season, so I’m only basing my opinion on current game play. But seriously? Hand-holding Denise on a search for an immunity idol, and then (through some sort of magical pity on the part of the universe) it just so happens to be two halves of a whole and you still don’t try to convince her to give it to you? How on earth are you among these legends?

Denise isn’t much better. To put it politely, she doesn’t possess the strongest gut instincts about what players she should align with. To hear it put impolitely and a heck of a lot more honestly…listen to Brianna’s theory on our podcast. The other half of the two part idol has to be given to someone else by sundown. After Adam convinces her what a foolish idea giving one half to Parvati would be, Denise gives it to Adam. Genius, thy name is not Denise.

Over at Dakal, Kim finds the same type of idol Denise found, and at this point I’m convinced there is some sort of stupidity coating saturated in the wrappings of these idols. She gives her second half to Sophie, who basically laughs at her for doing so in a private interview.

Elsewhere on Dakal, Tony builds the most rickety looking ladder contraption I’ve ever seen. I’ve built more structurally sound LEGO structures with my kids and grands. Then with everyone watching, he actually climbs up this 20 ft monstrosity and retrieves a whopping single piece of fruit. Death wish? Dim-wittedness? Who really knows at this point, but we do know that Yul accomplished the same feat with his feet firmly planted on the ground.

Finally we leave stupidity behind for a moment and get to the Immunity Challenge. Rob gets his confirmation that his wife is now on the Edge of Extinction and he attempts to play it off well, but the clenched jaw betrays his true feelings. Sele is getting smoked at the start, but then all of a sudden they are caught up and I’m bouncing up and down on my chair hoping for yet another come from behind victory.

Then the unthinkable happens. Rob freezes up. He has a plan in mind to separate the pieces first and then put them in place. Yet he doesn’t place a single one! Dakal leaves them in the dust and wins immunity. Is the man, the myth, the LEGEND flappable? Lots of theories floating around Facebook groups and our minicast. Yet another reason to tune in.

Finally the title of this tome comes into play. The Price of Paranoia. It starts with Danni perceiving a red laser dot on her forehead which couldn’t be further from the truth than my couch is from that island. No one, and I literally mean no one, had her name in their mouths for the snuff. Until, that is, she starts scrambling to try and get Parvati voted out because she feels she’s being cut out.

Now, in a type of self-fulfilling prophecy the laser sights have moved off of Jeremy, Ben, and Parvati and are smack dab on her. Note to self: a rice diet is not good for brain health apparently, because stupidity is running rampant throughout both islands. Danni indeed gets her torch snuffed either despite or because of the whisper campaign at tribal.

We’ll have to tune in next week and see if there’s a reward challenge that offers some fish oil supplements or B-complex vitamins to improve their brain health. Until then, check out our minicast for Brianna’s and my more in-depth takes on Episode 2. Just click this link:

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