You’ve Got it All Wrong About LeeAnne and Her Free Wedding Dress

Jordan and I were SO excited to interview Steve Kemble, LeeAnne’s wedding planner, for our fourth episode! Yes, he was our first Bravoleb guest. But he’s also an over-the-top personality that we can’t stop quoting.


You know how they say there are always two sides to a story? Well “they” are obviously right, although I usually prefer my own one-sided version of the truth (just being real). Of course, as we talk about all the time, Bravo has the world’s shadiest editors (love you guys! air kiss!), so they’re also great at spinning a narrative.

This is definitely what happened, re. LeeAnne and her infamous wedding-dress-shopping scene, where she and her wedding planner (yeah, Steve!) somewhat awkwardly ask the designer to give her a $25,000 dress for free.

Let’s be real. Didn’t you think to yourself “WTF, betch!? Aren’t you as rich as you portray yourself to be? Why are you looking for handouts?”

Well, because I am a normal human with an actual job, I never gave any thought to the fact these Bravolebrities provide a lot of publicity for every brand they use on camera. (Yeah, I’m a dummy. Jordan is the one who knows all this stuff!) Imagine–their designs shared with the world, their floral arrangements showcased, their twinkling jewelry around the housewives’ necks. Any discount they extend to these ladies is more than made up by the incredible publicity they can confer. So, why WOULDN’T they be climbing over each other to be the caterer for a party, etc.?

In the infamous case of LeeAnne’s wedding dress, it goes even a step farther. According to Steve, LeeAnne has done favors for all kinds of designers, vendors, caterers, etc., within the Dallas charity scene. Not only has she raised thousands of dollars for important causes, but she has also shared referrals with her community and showcased her vendors at events. So she had no shortage of friends clamoring to be involved with her wedding.

On the episode of Real Housewives of Dallas where Steve and LeeAnne visit the dress designer Nardos Imam to discuss her wedding dress, the editors make it look as though Steve’s request for her to give LeeAnne the dress for free came out of left field. Well, appearances are deceiving!

According to Steve (who we believe completely!), LeeAnne had many dress designers vying to design her wedding dress. But Imam was the designer she wanted. The two hadn’t just met; they’d known each other for years. Steve seemed taken aback when it seemed as though Imam was surprised by the request! But, in fact, it was just the edit. The request was not out of the blue. Our favorite editors just made it LOOK like it did.

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